Java Proxy Client Library Release Notes

  • 8.0.2
    Release Date: February 5, 2024


    • CLIENT-2764 Support persistent list indexes.


    • CLIENT-2775 Do not use batch repeat flag on batch writes when sendKey policy is true.

    • CLIENT-2755 Return error when command line object spec is invalid in benchmarks. Also, cleanup DBObjectSpec class and fix random generation when run multiple times.

    • CLIENT-2762 Do not force timeout exception to be a server timeout. Instead, use the chosen timeout type when the exception was generated.

    • Upgrade netty version to 4.1.104.Final and netty io_uring version to 0.0.24.Final per Snyk.

    • Update add() docs to mention that the record/bin will be created by default when the record/bin does not already exist.

  • 8.0.1
    Release Date: January 17, 2024


    • CLIENT-2754 Release new version to keep in sync with the native java client release. The proxy client requires JDK 8+ and does not have a JDK 21 specific release because the proxy client does not use virtual threads.

  • 7.2.1
    Release Date: January 4, 2024


    • CLIENT-2737 Add setters to applicable policies. This is done to facilitate Spring's ConfigurationProperties.

    • Support transactions only on given partitions in benchmarks.


    • CLIENT-2667 In Java proxy client, create/Throw invalid namespace exception at the end of applicable batch reads on invalid namespace errors to be consistent with the java native client.

    • CLIENT-2674 Replace SimpleDateFormat/Date with DateTimeFormatter/LocalDateTime.

    • CLIENT-2706 In scan/query with maxRecords set, mark node's partitions for retry on next scan/query page when that node returns records that are discarded due to exceeding maxRecords.

    • CLIENT-2720 Include all partition unavailable errors in the scan/query sub-exception list.

    • Fix ACT random command line argument in benchmark code.

    • Use Thread.getName() in ThreadLocalData debug log messages.

    • Upgrade to netty 4.1.103.Final, grpc 1.59.0 and commons-cli 1.6.0.

    • Change ListExp/MapExp doc examples to use EXISTS when searching keys/values in list/map.

    • Clarify the purpose of gCallbackSet in Log.isSet() api doc.

  • 7.2.0
    Release Date: October 25, 2023


    • CLIENT-2570 Support Exp.recordSize(). This feature requires server version 7.0+.

    • CLIENT-2584 Support secondary index on a blob (byte[]). This feature requires server version 7.0+.

    • CLIENT-2597 Support Record.getBytes().

    • CLIENT-2598 Support persistent map indexes. This feature requires server version 7.0+.


    • CLIENT-2483 Add returnType argument to relevant MapExp.removeBy() and ListExp.removeBy() methods. See Incompatible API change.

    • CLIENT-2439 Document valid map key types (string, integer, byte[], list).

    • CLIENT-2554 Use the standard Base64 class instead of the old javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter for base64 encoding/decoding. DatatypeConverter was used when bouncycastle crypto was enabled. DatatypeConverter has been removed from newer versions of the java JDK.

    • CLIENT-2554 Add manifest filters to examples/benchmarks “pom.xml” to fix jar-with-dependencies jar signing errors when running with bouncycastle crypto and newer versions of the java JDK.

    • CLIENT-2554 Fix the set_crypto sed script when running on Linux.

    • CLIENT-2623 Use base 64 url decoder for decoding the claims token.

    • Update operate() docs to mention the bin result type will be a list when multiple operations occur on the same bin.

    • Change SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE doc to say "Connection to server failed".

    • Upgrade netty version to 4.1.99.Final per Snyk.

    • Upgrade netty iouring version to 0.0.23.Final per Snyk.

  • 7.0.0
    Release Date: August 2, 2023


    • Proxy client initial release. This client can be used with the database-as-a-service (dbaas) server.